Amber Pyramids Solitaire

Amber Pyramids Solitaire 1.0

Ambar Pyramid Solitaire is a card games collection with a freeware license
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Ambar Pyramid Solitaire is card games collection developed by Media Contact LLC. This fantastic collection offers a wide variety of card games which includes Pyramid, Double Pyramid, Eighteens, Fourteen Out, Yuvenile, Haden, among others.
Although all of the games have different rules, they all share the same gameplay and mechanics: you have to clear the cards from the board by forming a certain number with the card value. You only need your mouse to play. It is very easy, entertaining, and you can spend long hours of relaxed playing.
The game's interface is really straightforward, you only have to choose your favorite game and if you want it to be really challenging and dynamic, tick the turbo mode box, to add your game a time limit. The game options include a number if things to configure such as its screen mode, full or windowed, the mouse speed, the background color of the table, and even the deck card design. The graphics and music are good, as well as the animations and sound effects.
Ambar Pyramid Solitaire has a freeware license for you to enjoy all the features. It is an essential collection for solitaire fans.

Mariel Rearte
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